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DJ Ava Adora is a techno music enthusiast and raver from Montenegro. She is best known for her splendid performances of hard techno, progressive techno, melodic techno and tech-house music, as well as her ability to connect with the audience and spread good vibes and positive energy.

Music has always been an omnipresent driving force and main source of inspiration in her life. She adores techno music, which she finds to be very dynamic and full of energy. The idea of mastering music, of not being a passive listener, but of controlling it and directing it in the ways she wants, as well as expressing and communicating through music, motivated her to enter the world of DJing. She is naturally introverted, especially when it comes to verbal communication, so music serves as her ideal channel of communication and window to the outside world.

She began her journey as a DJ a decade ago as a hobby in popular European summer destinations such as Ibiza, Mykonos, Žrće, Magaluf. She performed at LGBTQ clubs, fetish and other underground events, after-parties, and private parties. Once she discovered the alluring energy of techno music, she found it to be inexhaustible and captivating, drawing both herself and her audience to move faster, stronger and harder. She is eager to channel and direct that energy towards creating an ecstasy for her audience through her music selection and stage performance in nonverbal communication through rhythm. Ava Adora finds music to be ennobling for the human spirit and capable of awakening a sense of harmony and beauty. She has always been fascinated by its influence on our mood, psyche in general, and its power to force the body to move to its rhythm. In 2021, she transitioned to a professional DJ career and established Ava Adora LLC. The company offers DJ services and organization of events.

Ava Adora is an excellent choice for night clubs, festivals, carnivals, parades, weddings, birthdays, events of the LGBTQ and fetish communities, as well as underground and private events. With a deep understanding of music and an ability to connect deeply with the audience, she delivers outstanding performances tailored to the unique atmosphere and energy of each event. She is a reliable and professional DJ who will bring a unique and unforgettable experience to your event.




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